High Power Portable Pelican Case Drone Signal Jammer ,UAV signal blocker 2.4G GPS Jamming Up to 1500M

Item No.: 1708HL6-D
This is High Power Drone UAV jammer, Draw bar box  remote control signal blocker build-in battery jam up 1500 M.
Product Description:
This is High Power Drone UAV jammer, Draw bar box  remote control signal blocker build-in battery jam up 1500 M.


★Output power total 300w, You can choose high gain 5-10 dbi OMNI or Panel directional antennas, shielding 200-1500m,Still depends on the strength signal in given area.

★Each module is designed with five indication lights, to show Power, Run and Alarm (Perfect VSWR Alarm System, fully protected circuit in case of disconnection of antennas)

★Each unit can jam up to 6 frequency bands simultaneously, each frequency band is separate and with adjustable power from max to off (0)

★100% safe VSWR over protection (isolator) for each modular

★Big aluminum alloy shell and 20 pieces cooling fans, not-stop to work

★with Pelican case 1620 ,carry out .

★Build-in Battery 27V56Ah continue working 1.5hours, Battery Power and charger stative display via LED screen

★Selection of antennas to provide more flexibility regarding jamming coverage.

Key Technical specifications :
Channel Output Port Frequency range Average out-putting power
1 RC2.4G 2400-2500MHz 50dbm/100W
2 RC5.8G 5725-5850MHz 45dbm/30W
3 RC433 or 314 433 or 315MHz 45dbm/30W
4 RC868/912  and 915 868-915MHz 47dbm/50W
5 GPSL1/Glonass 1560-1620MHz 47dbm/50W
6 GPSL2+L5 1170-1280MHz 47dbm/50W
Power supply: AC adapter 50 to 60Hz, (110 or 240V AC/27V DC)  
Battery: 27V/56Ah
Dimensions: 630*500*350mm (not include antenna)
Packing size: 800 x 700 x 600mm  
Net weight: 50kg 
Gross weight: 50kg + 6kg antennas=56kg
Working temperature: -30 to 60°C
Total power: 300W     
Shielding radius: (500-1500) meters at -75dBm
Still depends on the strength signal in given area
Shielding radius of VHF/UHF signal should be lesser than cell phone signal
Warranty: one year from delivery date

Cover 100% drones UAVs
Pelican 1620 case raining-proof
Jamming range radius: 500-1500 meters
Built-in battery can works 1.5 hours
Packing contents:
1 piece desktop jammer
1 piece 110 or 220V AC/12 or 27V DC/20A power supplier
8-piece antennas omni 500mm long 
Additional options:
- Directional external patch panel antennas
- Omni car magnetic antenna bases

OEM Customized Service:
Frequency Range can be customized: 4GLTE Wimax, Wi-Fi 2.4G,5.8G,3.6GHz, GPSL1-L5 and more
Silkscreen OEM service can be offered. 



1) Protection of prohibited areas, such as: prison, military management area, national strategic resources projects, nuclear industry facilities, airports, political regions and etc;

2) To prevent the leakage of information on the scene, such as: major criminal cases on-site, urban management law enforcement scene, an important security venues, political followers protection, large-scale performance rehearsal, archaeological excavation site, large groups event site;

3) To combat the use of unmanned aerial vehicles as a carrier of illegal activities, such as: transport / drug trafficking, smuggling, illegal goods or information transmission.